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Health Balance LogoChryssie Burgess

Welcome from Chryssie!

Established 1987

"Step into your Future, Today"

A straight-forward, common sense approach to the real story of the body, health and you.

Whether man, woman or child, young or old, you have an 'inbox' full of unread messages, congesting your body, mind and emotions, and restricting the expression of who you really know you are.
The dis-ease of the body is a simple message from you to you, from your unconscious to your conscious, requesting that you 'refresh the page' of your life so that your energies can flow uninterruptedly and be the life support system they are meant to be.
I can help you open these messages, understand them and deal with the physical problems they are creating.


Single appointments: for bodywork, energy work or consultations

Self-Management Programme: 3 or more appointments tailor-made from:

  • Massage: Aromatherapy, Swedish, Tsuboki or Hot Towel Massage
  • Clinical Aromatherapy: Consultation and essential oils blend (for specific conditions)
  • Healthy Body Management: the best nutrition, supplements, remedies and activities for you
  • Healthy Time Management: a practical schedule for your commitments to Work-Home, Activity-Rest, Others-You
  • Energy Balancing Consultation + tuition (aura, chakras, on/off earth connections, 6th and 7th senses)
  • Awareness Body Massage + tuition (locating and dissolving blocks, using breath, colour, sound, visualisation, sensing)
  • Discovering and using off-earth connections and helpers
  • Specific energy awareness tuition to meet your needs

To view the range of services I can offer you, click here