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Awareness Body Massage

Energy palpation, diagnosis and consultation

As a graduate student of ISoA Chryssie has developed a form of massage combining hands on body palpation (an understanding gained through touching) with the Seventh Sensing developed through studying with Pauline Turner at the International School of Awareness (ISoA).

What is Awareness Body Massage?
It is a combination of 'energy balancing', massage and self-development. It happens in a much more interactive and dynamic way than receiving a traditional hands-on healing or massage session. You don't just sit or lay there. You take part by listening, feeling, becoming aware of your own energy moving, of it communicating with you. Chryssie does not 'fix' you. She guides you, and teaches you how to 'fix' yourself by balancing your own energies. So you take active tools away with you to follow up at home, and use daily if you want to.

How does it work?
Chryssie can sense energy imbalances in your body and help you understand why they are there. Through massaging the area of the body that is experiencing the imbalance, and by getting you to follow simple, clear instructions and techniques, Chryssie helps you to re balance your own energy flow so that it can move freely once again. The end of the session usually finishes with a relaxing back massage when you do get some time to nod off!!

Chryssie Burgess massage room

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Chryssie's Awareness Body Massage. She has the amazing ability to sense imbalances and show me how to correct them. I was soaring after her treatment!" Fredrik, 40.