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TSUBOKI Energy Balancing Massage

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Gentle yet deep, delicate yet invigorating

What is Tsuboki?
A lovely fusion of East and West, Tsuboki is based on the Japanese approach to massaging a small part of the body in order to influence the health of the whole person. Through gently working reflexes, acupressure points and meridians the whole body receives a discreet yet stimulating massage.

Energy Balancing Face Massage
A relaxing yet surprisingly energising facial treatment involving deep and sweeping massage movements to the neck and shoulders, detailed firming facial massage, acupressure and meridian stimulation, and light and feathery lymphatic drainage of décolletage and face.

Energy Balancing Foot Massage
This firm non-tickly massage works through manipulating, mobilising, pressing and kneading the feet, ankles and lower legs, applying firm pressure to the sole of the foot with a Japanese ridoki roller, and stimulating reflex points and meridians on feet and ankles. The light holding sequence of 'Buddha's Footprints' brings you gently back down to earth, ready to walk tall with plenty of 'get up and go'.

Energy Balancing Hand Massage
A delightful journey through relaxation to deep repose and back again. This massage moves from warming of the shoulders, arms and hands, to thorough massage of hands and fingers, wrist mobilisation, acupressure stimulation and meridian tracing. Helpful for repetitive hand/arm activity, arthritic conditions and general upper body tension.

You are always left to undress and dress in private, with time at the end to re adjust hair, make-up etc and have a refreshing drink.