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"Expressing the Creative Self is what Wild Wet and Woolly is all about."

Following your nose,
Feasting your eyes,
Feeling your way.
Switching off and tuning in.
Letting go and letting flow.

So many of us are stuck in the habits of our expectations, limited by what we feel we are good at, afraid to experiment unless we ’get it wrong’ or simply refusing to engage because we ‘are not creative’. Wild, Wet and Woolly challenges those voices by inviting you to explore the medium of felt-making from a different perspective. Let felt-making reflect, respond, reveal aspects of your Creative Self you didn’t know were there. Let it lead you, call you, re-create you. Take off the limitations and live the mystery that is Felt.

“For me, felt-making is freedom from all other constraints and pressures. I just let go into the magnetism of colour, shape and texture, and allow the object to create itself. It is a relaxing, exciting and beautifully dynamic process.”

Workshops and group sessions for all ages and abilities.

Pulling Fibres with Felt To wet and set Feltwork To roll up felting


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